European Missile Defender of the Year 2016

The purpose of this award is to recognize exceptional individuals and their role in defending against the ballistic missile threat. 

MDAA recognized 10 European Missile Defenders from 6 NATO countries including Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. These Soldiers, Airmen, and Naval Officers were honored for their outstanding performance and commitment to being the best missile defenders in Europe. The capabilities, expertise, and leadership of these men play a vital role in Europe’s missile defense mission and in deterring adversaries that pose a threat to the continent. 

During the ceremony on the 29th of April 2016 a special award was presented to one of our Members of the CC SBAMD. LtCol Ralf Zwingmann was honored for his Career Achievement of The Missile Defender of  the Year. This kind of award  was presented the first time in the History of the Missile Defender of the Year Event.

LtCol Zwingmann is well known in the missile defense community in Europe and NATO. He repeatedly demonstrated his dedication, enthusiasm and relentless engagement to spread knowledge, to implement concepts, tactics and procedures and to hone warfighter`s skills through training and exercise.

LtCol Zwingmann sets an example as a dedicated Air and Missile Defense Professional. 

We also want to congratulate all other nominated Missile Defenders of the Year, especially Master Sergeant Dustin Heise from SAM Wing 1, German Air Force and Commander Fred Douglas from the Royal Netherlands Navy.