DGLC Information Days 2015 at the LG Best Barracks, Vredepeel, The Netherlands


Members of the CCSBAMD briefed on (NATO) Surface Based Integrated Air & Missile Defence topics at the Royal Netherlands Army DGLC Information Days on Wednesday 30 September and the 1st of October 2015. Together with a specialist from NATO HQ the CCSBAMD specialists briefed on the emerging (missile) threats, the CCSBAMD structure and tasks, the development of IAMD in a joint C2 setting, IAMD documents, IAMD exercises and the exercise ‘gap’, maritime developments with regards to NATO IAMD and more.

Other briefings were presented, for instance on joint fires and airspace, Ground Based Air Defence in Maneuver Warfare and related topics like Counter-Rockets Artillery and Mortars and Counter(mini) UAV.

All in all, the concept of joint sea/air/land integration with regards to surface-based air & missile defence is gaining overall interest, but requires more traction.



Col Kamstra