Exercise Constructive Optic Windmill 2016

CC SBAMD has supported the planning and execution of the conducted multinational Air and Missile Defence exercise Constructive Optic Windmill 2016 (COW 16) for tactical operators hosted by the Netherlands at the Lgen Best Barracks in the Netherlands. The execution period was from 4 -11 March. German, American and Dutch Surface based Air and Missile Defence units participated. The German (SAMOC) and Dutch (PATRIOT, AGBADS) ground based AMD units participated with hardware in the loop. US Army participated in mixed tactical teams in the Dutch PATRIOT simulator.  Both German and Dutch navy units were represented by the German simulators, the Simburg of IABG. Denmark participated with personnel in the German /Dutch navy teams.

The focus of the exercise was Command and Control of  Surface Based Air and Missile Defence tactical units and execution of TTP’s by the tactical level operators. The setting for the exercise was an out of area scenario with no established Air Defence Ground Environment Command and Control structure. The Command and Control structure was build up by the available participating tactical C2 elements. As a result of that several variations of the Command and Control structure were exercised including dynamic transition from one to the other structure. The scenarios  played were intense in order to allow as many engagement operations as possible by the individual operator teams of the participating units. Both on the C2 aspect as well as TTP’s the participants gained readiness for the Air and Missile Defence joint /combined mission and had some lessons identified for future operations and existing education and training programs.

COW16 achieved its aim and demonstrated to be a fine platform for Air and Missile Defence training and exercise in order to gain expertise and tactical readiness.