Command of Change Ceremony at CC SBAMD


On the 31st of May 2016, Col Ben Kamstra (RNLAF) transferred the command of the CC SBAMD to Col Ralf Gosch (DEU AF), former Deputy Commander/Chief of Staff of the CC SBAMD.

In the presence of both General Officer Steering Committee generals, MG Löwenstein (DEU AF) and MG Wijnen (RNLA), invited guests and personnel of the CC SBAMD, Col Kamstra looked back on his period of command which he assumed on the 5th of July 2013.

After the speeches of the GOSC generals, who thanked Col Kamstra for his leadership and professionalism in leading the EADTF to become CC SBAMD, Col Gosch assumed command of the CC SBAMD.

Col Gosch in his speech emphasized that there will not be a big revolution in how the CC SBAMD operates. “Col Kamstra and I were always on the same sheet of music regarding the position and how to propagate the CC SBAMD.”

The Change of Command was followed by a reception in the Ramstein AB Community Centre.

Col Kamstra will depart for the US, where he will follow a yearlong study at the US National Defence University in Washington DC.  

LtCol Eric Verweij (RNLAF) will pick up the task of DCOM/COS.